The team - Migali
What would you do to see them laughing?

Everything. Especially when it comes to dental pain.
That is why we created TenderCare.

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The team

The selection criteria for the Migali Team were based on experience, thoroughness, patience, gentleness, good communication with the patient, punctuality, perfectionism.

All sustained by the latest technology and a very good managerial system. We aim to be the best dentists in the Moldova region and we include in our team specialists in Orthodontics and Surgery that have experience to make the best dental implants. Our dentists have the ability to work with the most fragile patients, including children, providing painless dentistry with the help of the laser dentistry and other innovative equipment.


Dr. Adriana Carpiuc MironDr. Adriana Carpiuc MironDr. Daniel DobreaDr. Daniel DobreaDr. Diana RauliucDr. Diana RauliucDr. Ana EpureDr. Ana EpureDr. Andreea DodiDr. Andreea DodiDr. Codrina MandalianDr. Codrina MandalianDr. Corina Pintea-CeacoschiDr. Corina Pintea-CeacoschiDr. Maria-Antoaneta MitranDr. Maria-Antoaneta Mitran

Medicii Colaboratori

Dr. Andreea Arion

Dr. Gabriel Melian

Dr. Valentin Munteanu

Asistente medicale/Receptioniste

Irina AvornicesaIrina AvornicesaAncuta StarpuAncuta StarpuMihaela NegrutiMihaela Negruti