Introduction - Migali
What would you do to see them laughing?

Everything. Especially when it comes to dental pain.
That is why we created TenderCare.

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Migali Dental Clinic was founded from the wish to bring the concept of pain-free dentistry on the Romanian market.

It’s pain free! is an assumed promise based on a complex system with regard to our patients care. Thus, Migali Dental Clinic created TenderCare, a unique program in Iaşi, for the whole family. In this program, all resources (technical, practical, educational, human, financial) are exploited in order to eliminate fear and to reduce the pain that occurs during dental treatment processes. These principles are applied in all our services and it can be found mainly in dental implants, in treating cavities, and in pediatric dentistry.

Migali’s perfectionism is defined by thoroughness, gentleness, patience and the valuable experience of the people in the team. Communication with the patient is one of our strengths. An informed and educated patient understands the required processes and steps (for example when a dental implant or orthodontic treatment involves multiple steps on a long term).

Understanding these steps helps the patient feel safe.
Everything is easier when you are informed.

All these values are sustained by our permanent concern for upgrading our existing equipment and for the acquisition of the latest technology and materials. With this technology, Migali Dental Clinic from Iaşi guarantees its patients the promised outcome: an impeccable dental implant, a natural and easy to integrate prosthetic dentistry, a normal and beautiful aligned dentition and, in the end, a perfect smile without care and pain.

Dentistry for children! Painless equipment and technologies – no drill!